“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 3 Finale Reaction and a Jen Saviano Appreciation

“Bachelor In Paradise” Season 3 Finale Reaction and a Jen Saviano Appreciation

Yes, the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale aired eons ago. I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it because 1) I had other stuff going on, and 2) I didn’t really give a shit.

I enjoyed bashing Evan and Ashley hard this season. Was it deserved? Yes and no…and OF COURSE I understand they’re good people and I’m judging them based on intentionally unflattering editing. I shouldn’t need to explain to anyone that this is all in good fun… Perhaps I’m just trying to convince myself so I don’t feel like such an asshole. My typical emotional journey across full seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette/BIP is simple: total embarrassment for the toolbags who go on the show, followed by snark and harsh criticism for how they act and carry themselves, then ultimately landing in a total sappy tear fest for the happy lovebirds left standing at the end.

So there’s my summary reaction for the season 3 finale. All the good times bashing gave way to happy tears for Evan and Carly. I’m genuinely happy for those two crazy kids and wish them the best.

Same goes for Grant and Lace.

Josh and Amanda can still go fuck themselves.

And so can Izzy for obvious reasons. Vinny, you’re the man.

Nick made the right move to let Jen go. She’s a gorgeous woman who did nothing to embarrass herself on the show. She’ll have no problem finding attention from men. Speaking of the amazing Ms. Jennifer Saviano, let’s take a moment to appreciate the black dress she murdered on the final episode of “After Paradise”:



Jen After3.png


Jen After5.png

PS, not a terrible idea to follow Jen on Instagram:

Suns not out, buns still out. ☁️☁️ . Kini: @elsaandrose #thatwedgielife #notrianglebigenough #carbs

A post shared by Jen Saviano (@jensav11) on

Moving on…

If there’s anyone else from the finale, I can’t recall them which tells you all you need to know. And that’s a wrap on season three of Bachelor In Paradise.

I did manage to catch some good tweets while watching the second night as it aired so here you go:

I can’t wait for Nick on The Bachelor. It will be fun.

GOOD MORNING AMERICA – The new “Bachelor” Nick Viall appears on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, 9/8/16, airing on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ida Mae Astute) NICK VIALL

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