Dating Sucks

Dating Sucks

When I walked into the Waxy’s, the girl on the right in red was sitting alone.

I walked past her and around the curved bar to the seat from which I later took this picture. For most of the night, the girl in red was sitting solo because the girl on the left in the orange-ish top was sitting to my right next to a guy having a drink and talking. It was obvious to me they were on a first date. The conversation was awkward and the guy was visibly nervous. I’ve been on a thousand first dates, blind dates, online dates, etc., etc., etc., so I immediately felt for the guy. It was obvious to me he was a bit out of his league. I had no reason at the time to believe these two girls were connected in any way.

While chatting with some old drunk dudes to my left, I got sucked into the Dodgers vs. Cubs game and hadn’t noticed when the date in progress to my right wrapped up. I really wish I had witnessed the “good night” so I could gauge the degree of awkwardness. After Miguel Montero went grand dong for the Cubs, I noticed the girl on the date had joined the girl in the red sitting in my forward line of vision.

Ahh, classic. Gotta love the teamwork. The girl in red sitting solo for all this time was the embedded spy sacrificing her own Saturday night to be her friend’s safety valve. After paying my tab, I walked in their direction towards the exit door. I stopped and told them how impressed I was with their coordinated effort. They laughed and asked if it was really that obvious. Trust me, I explained, I’m an old pro and I’ve seen it a thousand times. I asked the girl in the orange-ish top how it went. She said it was the standard “first date last date” situation. I told her I was unfortunately all too familiar.

We shared another laugh before I wished them a good night and slipped out the door.

Dating sucks.