When Rest Days Backfire

When Rest Days Backfire

Relax, I have zero intention of turning this into an exercise, fitness or weight loss blog. As hard as I’m focusing on those things right now, the mere thought of me blogging them is pure comedy. After last night, however, these thoughts have been swirling (like red wine in a glass) in my mind so I’m gonna share. Perhaps I really just wanted to share how gorgeous my lamb chops were…

This entire week has been awesome and I’ve been doing the damn thing by eating well and exercising a lot. A lingering knot in my calf (not the surgically repaired one) finally bothered me enough to take a rest from the gym Thursday. All is well and good, right?

But what is it about rest days that make me feel like I have free license to go too far? I couldn’t stop myself in the kitchen last night. After a reasonable dinner capped off a day in which I was under my calorie goal, I decided to open a bottle of wine and roast some lamb chops. Wtf?!

In my defense, it was a 2007 Nachise by Arizona Stronghold Vineyards so c’mon…

2007 Nachise by AZ Stronghold Vineyards – 67% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 13% Petite Sirah

When Maynard James Keenan makes wine, you fucking drink it.


Second, just look at these lamb chops… THEY WERE HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH.

I guess the lesson is we must continue to enjoy life. Punishing ourselves into misery will not lead to long term progress. We need occasional reminders, albeit in reasonable moderation, of what makes life wonderful.

And red wine and lamb chops are wonderful.

Let’s do this.